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Xcellent Horse Insurance, a leader in the field of horse insurance policies for over 100 years!


Xcellent Horse Insurance offers you:

Xcellente insurance solutions & customisation

Competetive premiums and excellent conditions

Smooth and correct claim handling




Thanks to our many years of experience, expertise, personal contact, passion for horses, flexibility and customisation, Xcellent Horse Insurance provides an Xcellent performance for you and your horse.


Our Xcellent insurance policies:

Xcellent Horse Insurance offers many options to insure your horse or pony according to your wishes.

We offer a leading basic insurance policy at 4 levels, making sure there is always one that meets your specific wishes or needs. Our basic insurance policies can be combined with a health insurance policy.


Why insure your horse with Xcellent Horse Insurance?

Ownership of a horse or pony involves a great deal of responsibility. Obviously, the health of your horse is of great importance.
We share your passion for horses: the health of your horse is always our highest priority.

We offer Xcellent insurance solutions in all shapes and sizes, from ponies to sport horses participating in major competitions and/or events.


Xcellent Horse Insurance has changed its Privacy Policy


The privacy legislation is changing. Xcellent Horse Insurance has adjusted its privacy statement to these developments. Click here to read this privacy statement.

The last update was June 21, 2018.


Xcellent Horse Insurance

P.O. Box 2300
5202 CH 's-Hertogenbosch




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